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Do you consider yourself a DIYer? Are you looking for custom-quality kitchen cabinets at a reasonable price? Then our budget-friendly RTA (ready-to-assemble) kitchen cabinets are for you!

RTA cabinets are cabinets you assemble yourself, saving you money and getting the same quality kitchen cabinet. RTA cabinets can cost up to two or three times less than custom assembled kitchen cabinets. Same quality for a lower price; it's a win-win!

Assembling RTA kitchen cabinets yourself is easier than you might think. You only need a rubber mallet, wood glue, and a screwdriver. Our RTA kitchen cabinets are pre-drilled to make installation easier and include thorough step-by-step instructions. Our website also features assembly videos so you can see your kitchen cabinets' assembly and installation process.

Our RTA kitchen cabinets include dovetail joints, solid wood box frames and drawers, soft-close drawers, and drawer glides. You'll also have no shortage of color or feature options to fit your kitchen's style and functional needs. Our kitchen cabinets come in three-inch increments, starting at nine inches and some going all the way up to 60 inches. Our additional features include wine racks, plate racks, corbels, crown moldings, and decorative base moldings.

For custom quality cabinets without paying a premium cost, RTA kitchen cabinets are the best choice for you!


How long do RTA cabinets last?
Thanks to quality material and sturdy designs, RTA kitchen cabinets can last up to 20 years.
Do RTA cabinets need to be glued?
Wood glue is incredibly helpful for assembling RTA cabinets. The wood glue creates a strong connection between the cabinet surfaces, ensuring that your cabinets are stable.
Can RTA bathroom cabinets be used in the kitchen?
It's not advisable to use bathroom cabinets in your kitchen. They are very different in height and depth because kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets are built to store very different items with different plumbing.
Why are RTA cabinets so cheap?
RTA kitchen cabinets are less expensive because of the reduced labor costs. Because you assemble them at your own home, you don't pay the price of assembly in the factory. They are also shipped in a flat box, making them easier to transport and take up less space, further reducing the price.